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Procrastination done bit me in the arse…

So I star a lot of things in Google Reader….esp. during the workday (cause I’m like working really hard and stuff) so I can check it out later…Problem is — later sometimes turns into ‘too late’… And now I’ve been … Continue reading

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What Up?

Whole lot of nothin’. As usual. Still running…although I took the last week off cause allergies or some kind of funk was kicking my butt. Doing better now and ran 2 miles this morn’. Average 3 or so miles a … Continue reading

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So yeah…

This will be my home. Screw Typepad/Suxapart.  😉 So….do you get notified if I subscribe to your blog? I’m trying to track down the Voxers…and will eventually get around to a Blogroll. Probably. Heh. Different home…same slacker.

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Moving in…

Just getting things over from Vox… Every post below this that links to anything at VOX will no longer work after Sept. 30th, 2010. They kicked us out and are shutting down.

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I’m Back…

at least till I disappear again…heh.  I do have my justifications reasons for this disappearance, though. I was ObamaObsessed. I was all Alex P. Keaton'in on some Barry!  I am not ashamed to admit to pumping my niece full of … Continue reading

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This outstanding weather we've had all week has made me even more of a slacker… My 'pologies… I have bunnies!  Lucy found these guys yesterday…I don't know much about bunny rabbits (other than I want to hug them…and kiss them…and … Continue reading

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Delayed Thingies

due to a chronic case of laziness… Sucky: Hanna F'n up Raleigh Wide Open on Friday night. Missed another chance to see Arrested Development (granted the first time was 15 or so years ago) and Chuck Barry. And too unmotivated … Continue reading

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Possible: Check out Art On The Edge Take award winning photographs Win Powerball Download and play new Ratchet and Clank PS3 game Probable: Trip the library Ride around in Jeep wasting expensive gas Swing by Starbucks Ingesting food of some … Continue reading

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Things not to be accomplished today: anything related to or resembling work Things to accomplish today haircut swap out cable modem for new shiny model return/pick up reserved books from library take photos…place/time to be determined enjoy the beautimous weather … Continue reading

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odds and ends

The maternal one spilled the beans about her internetal romance. She's supposedly down a background check…but I personally doubt it. They've only talked on the phone for 3 weeks. 3 weeks! Wouldn't tell me how longt they've been chatting. Also … Continue reading

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