So yeah…

This will be my home. Screw Typepad/Suxapart.  😉

So….do you get notified if I subscribe to your blog? I’m trying to track down the Voxers…and will eventually get around to a Blogroll.

Probably. Heh.

Different home…same slacker.

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Moving in…

Just getting things over from Vox…

Every post below this that links to anything at VOX will no longer work after Sept. 30th, 2010. They kicked us out and are shutting down.

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Random Is As….

Dave does…

What's up y'all? Just stopping by to see what youz peeps have been up to. Kinda sad yet fun to swing by and check in with all you hardcorers.

Not much my way. The gray is slowly taking over the beard and the head as I truck on towards the big 4-0…. See evidence to your right ——>

Ran a 5K at the beginning of the month! Didn't die…and didn't let some powerwalkin' bitty beat me! Was talked into by a friend after drinks on Xmas night….turned out to be fun! I'm still running a few times a week and plan on running another at the end of April.

The ann-e-muls are doing fab….and still putting up with me. Got a new cam recently (Nikon D-3000) and have been torturing them whenever possible. 

Saw The Connells at Xmas and heading to see Arctic Monkeys next week (in Raleigh?!) Hoping for some Sharon Jones in Chapel Hill in May and Phoenix in Cary in June…woot! 

Still working the same jobby job…but moved over to the IT dept (and brought all my video conferencing and A/V crap with me). I'm trying to wrap my brain dead brain around the networking concepts. Ain't easy to teach this lazy dog….anything. Heading to Cisco 'boot camp' at the beginning of May….a week long crash course in all things networky…Not all that exciting…but it gives me more knowledge…and we all know As your body grows bigger, your mind grows flowered…it's great to learn cause knowledge is power! 

However….me and Jimme…we gots the same aspirations and stuff.

Guess that's 'bout it for now…off to check up/lurk all up in your biz

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The newest addition

Not much as changed in the past year…other than my waist size and the gray to blonde ratio…

However….Abbie, Lucy, Geraldine and Cecil gained a new sista friend:


She actually adopted me by being all sweet and pitiful at the same time….She was living in a sewage ditch which happened to be on my dog walk. 2 days of leaving her there was all I could take!  She’s been here since Memorial Day and is the bee’s knees. A real lap and love kitty.

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*tap*tap* Is this thing on?

ooooh, it's on, alright

Ok…that may be too much bravado (<–was 'bravada' till i looked it up and realized its a car) since I've been gone almost a year.
….the more things change the more they stay the same….had a bitch of a time uploading this track and then found I up'd it 4 times?! And no cover art? I'm such a noob!

And just like those pesky pending charges…not sure if this'll stick but we'lll see how it goes.

Much love and now to be a nosey neighbor for a few…

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The Saturday Songs….

Decided to start VOX This’n this post…that way it doesn’t take up so much space every week…just click the link above to get to the tuneage.

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I’m Back…

at least till I disappear again…heh.  I do have my justifications reasons for this disappearance, though.

I was ObamaObsessed. I was all Alex P. Keaton'in on some Barry!  I am not ashamed to admit to pumping my niece full of info so that she'd vote for him and possibly influence the rest of the 4th grade.

Man…Tuesday night/Wednesday kicked ass, huh? If somebody could just bottle that feeling…or figure out a way to smoke it…I'm flexible.  I love listening to this dude speak! He's good. He's MLK-good. He's Maya Angelou-good. Instead of a weekly radio address (never heard one of those in my life!?!) I want weekly videos…posted to the net.

It's nice to feel hope and to be inspired (but please don't confuse this with action…I still have to be 'me').

It's nice to go from this to this

Yeah..we still have a looooong ways to go…but its nice to feel like we're headed in the right direction.

Used this to calm myself preTuesday night and now use it for cheesin' out when the mood hits…You may do the same.

Yes We Can

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