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Seems Mother Nature finally took a break from the Parkay/butter debate and noticed that its supposed to be Fall. FINALLY we’re out of the 90s and expecting some much needed rain later today. Windows are open. Gonna chillax on the … Continue reading

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The Saturday Songs…

Ok…”song” for now…gonna take a while to build this post back up to its former glory… (and it’s 3:30am…I have insomnia and haf to have the dogs at the vet at 8….oi!) De La Soul – A RollerSkating Jam Named … Continue reading

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Testing (and uh’) 1…2….3…

“With it” gal, mariser posted this which will lead you to this which should let you do this: The Drums – Book of Stories Nifty, eh?

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The Language of Love…

Congrats to my local yokels for getting to play The Filmore last night in San Fran. …and its a reminder that I really need to pony up for some music storage ’round here. It also reminds me that I’m glad … Continue reading

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Well….there ya go….

Image via Wikipedia VideoEgg Will Acquire Six Apart And Rename Itself SAY Media. Say say say What you want But don’t play games With my affection Take take take What you need But don’t leave me With no direction (not … Continue reading

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Procrastination done bit me in the arse…

So I star a lot of things in Google Reader….esp. during the workday (cause I’m like working really hard and stuff) so I can check it out later…Problem is — later sometimes turns into ‘too late’… And now I’ve been … Continue reading

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What Up?

Whole lot of nothin’. As usual. Still running…although I took the last week off cause allergies or some kind of funk was kicking my butt. Doing better now and ran 2 miles this morn’. Average 3 or so miles a … Continue reading

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