The Language of Love…

Congrats to my local yokels for getting to play The Filmore last night in San Fran.

…and its a reminder that I really need to pony up for some music storage ’round here.

It also reminds me that I’m glad a certain ditzy cheerleader is back on my TV screen — “Stop the Violence”…heh.

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2 Responses to The Language of Love…

  1. silverchimes says:

    I like these guys! Thanks for posting the song. My eMusic subscriptions renews on the 25th and I’m downloading Libraries first thing 🙂

    I used to get so many music recs from Vox posts and I was worried that would kinda dry up after the move to WP. So glad that’s not the case.

    • Dave says:

      excellent! Grab those freebies from daytrotter too!
      I also miss all the good music on VOX…hope more peeps start sharing. I really am gonna have to pay for some storage, though….searching out YouTube videos is lame. 😉

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