What Up?

Whole lot of nothin’. As usual.

Still running…although I took the last week off cause allergies or some kind of funk was kicking my butt. Doing better now and ran 2 miles this morn’. Average 3 or so miles a run….2-3 times a week.

Got promoted at work. I’m now an “IS Specialist”……yeah, I don’t know, either. Apparently it means you fumble around in the proverbial dark for almost a year and then get a raise. I’m OK with that.

Only other big thing I can think of at the moment was last weekend’s inaugural Hopscotch Music Festival here in Raleigh. Awesome time, it was. I volunteered on Thursday night (which consisted of hanging out in front of Kings Barcade checking wristbands…other bars at the really good shows so we were pretty dead and ended up shooting the shit all night with the part time doorman/part time stand up comedian.) and was able to get in free to shows for the rest of the weekend.

Saw a lot of good bands and lots of good people watching. (hipsters are so sneeringly interesting!)


harlem killed!

Favorite show? Harlem.  Their main show was Friday night but they also played one of the day parties at Slim’s….which is where I caught them. So good!

My homegrown favorite, The Love Language opened for Public Enemy on Saturday and were also oh so good.

Hmmmm….what else?

New toys? iPhone and an iPad. Love them both. Especially the iPad. Didn’t think I’d enjoy reading books on something like this but once I saw that it tells you how many pages are left in a chapter…I was sold.  It’s the little things.

Reading? Actually going old school at the moment with a library book (and I’ll really be set when they come out with the Apple version of the book loaning/downloading/whatever software)….Ape House by Sara Gruen. Surprisingly loved “Water For Elephants” so thought I’d give it a shot. I don’t expect it to be as good as Water (and from reviews….that seems like a smart move)….but it involves sign lanuaging bonobos and who can resist monkeys with mad skills?

I’m really ready for the Fall TV season to begin. I got rid of cable (I know, right) almost a year ago…and although I’ve been fine using my PS3/Play On Software and Netflix…I’m ready for some new Glee and Modern Family!

New Music….just picked up the new SuperChunk (!?) and The Drums (gah….been available digitally since June and the CD just came out what? last week?…no wonder indy stores are having such a hard time! Love them both….but gonna leave ya with some Harlem.

Till I decide whether it’s worth it to plunk down duckets on storage….we’ll be going ghetto with YouTube…which is kinda appropriate for Harlem, no?…(yeah…they are from Austin and the actual Harlem probably hasn’t been a ghetto since Willis and Arnold left….but whatever)

Catch y’all later….

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8 Responses to What Up?

  1. silverchimes says:

    Nice to have you back around here!

    Are The Love Language from your neck of the woods? Considering how well I liked The Rosebuds I should probably check them out.

  2. wavemistress says:

    Jeez. I can’t understand a word the guys on that video are singing! Is there something wrong with my hearing?


  3. CreakyGeek says:

    Woo-hoo! Glad you’re here. This is the artist formerly known as jan001, now operating on WordPress as CreakyGeek.

    I’ve subscribed to your blog and, if you want to subscribe to mine, there’s a button to do that in the upper right part of the screen, just below the masthead.

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