Randomal – Geraldine

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4 Responses to Randomal – Geraldine

  1. silverchimes says:

    Oh, she's great! Who rules the house – Geraldine or Cecil?

  2. Dave says:

    Geraldine…most definitely. She rules the dogs, too…Lucy is scared of her. Geraldine knows the power she holds over everybody. She'll sit on the stairs just to block the dogs b/c she knows they won't pass by…heh. Geri's also the oldest so maybe its they're just respecting their elder…(and they know she has no problem swatting them into line…heh)

  3. silverchimes says:

    My oldest cat is definitely in charge, as well. There may be something to that "respecting their elder" thing 🙂

  4. mariser says:

    mistress G. has a brick-red nose outlined in black. one of my favoritest looks.
    not that mistress G. cares what I think…

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