Krofft Kwikies

Sucks that it has to be a MySpace page and that they don't have the whole episodes (although that last one might be a good thig)
I didn't think I knew Dr. Shrinkers….but as soon as I saw the opening….it all came back!
I used to watch all of these after school and also the Saturday morning show, Krofft Superstars(?)…Wasn't there also one that involved Bigfoot and some kid?

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3 Responses to Krofft Kwikies

  1. I had a vid-gasm when the library bought H R Puffinstuff and Lidsville. HELLZ YEAH!!!

  2. crankypants says:

    DUDE. I just had a light bulb flash—didn't you go to see !!!King Khan!!! recently?

  3. Dave says:

    Its weird…the only thing I remember about Lidsville is Charles Nelson Reilly!?I love that the openings for the Kwikies take most of the time…they were my favorite part…heh.cranks – I had to bail due to a 7am meeting the next day….meaning I needed to be there by 6:30. I had originally taken that day of but forces were against me. Lame, I know…but lame is me. Glad it was only $10. Hopefully they'll be back. I was a sad puppy.

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