Slacker McSlackerson

That's me…

I really wish I knew why my body has no problem waking up before "weekday alarm time" on the weekends but does its best to paralyze me during the week at the same time. I can't remember the last time I slept in till say…8am? I have an old man brain in a middle aged (is that what I am? eek!) body…with the mindset of a teenager.

Haven't really been up to much, though. Been looking for something for these dang walls and so far…nada. The family came to visit last weekend to check out the new house (they love it) and to bring prezzies (new pots/pans and towels).

Other than my normal 'just hanging out'…I've been playing ALOT of PS3. Finished up my first game, "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune"…fun stuff! I've moved on to the newest Ratchet and Clank. Man…does it look great in HD! (even if I'm pretty sure I'll seize out before I finish it due to all the vivid colors and explosions)

Not a whole lot of TV watching….other than the usual downloading of EastEnders and Corrie. Thought LOST rocked and oh my to the man in the coffin! I plan on giving Mad Men another shot when it comes out on TV and starts back in July…as well as The Closer and Burn Notice. And my beloved final season of The Shield is back September 2nd.

With such a busy schedule I've 'managed' to fit in quite a bit of reading…Just a few I've torn through in the past weeks:

Scavenger The March: A Novel WHISKEY SOUR (A Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels Mystery) The Thief of Time BLOODY MARY (Jack Daniels Mysteries) It's Superman! RUSTY NAIL (Jack Daniels Mysteries) The Art of Racing in the Rain Hold Tight

The Jack Daniels series is pure brain candy…but I dig it. Its a cross b/w Robert Parker/Stuart Woods and James Patterson/Jeffrey Daniels…

The Art of Racing in the Rain got me…even with its Oprah-esque title….because of a dog on the cover and the description of the book. Read it in a day (most while at work…shhh!). Its tells the story of a family from the viewpoint of the dog…on its last day alive.

It's Superman was more enjoyable than I thought it would be….not sure why I'm surprised. I'm a geek for superheroes and it retells the 'beginning of Superman'…but with more of the 'original' feel of the character in the 1930s.

Currently reading the Harlen Coben book….haven't liked any of his as much as his first…but always like to see what he's got out there..

The animals are groovy.  Abbie and Lucy are still loving the new house and having all these rabbits to stalk. Cecil is slowly coming around (as long as there are open windows to sit in and treats to be had). Geraldine is a bit pissed that its getting too warm to have the windows open as much so she's constantly pawing at the windows…esp. if I'm sitting on the deck. No….that's not annoying at all.  πŸ˜‰

Not sure what's up for the rest of the weekend….need to return some library books…swing by the grocery store/Starbucks and what I'll be dining on for the weekend. But for now….I'm gonna see what I've been missing out on from all you chatty cathys…

I'll leave you with this week's charts…a bit late, huh?   Think I'll leave you with a bit of Ace. Not only does it feed my love for all things 70s/80s….but it begs the question…did you/do you still use the word "Ace" to describe something cool?

Top Artists this Week (see more)

18 May 2008 – 25 May 2008
The PoliceThe GossipPearl JamThe Apples in StereoEarth MurchantsDuffyStone Temple PilotsThe KooksAceKing Khan & The Shrines

  1 Play The Police
  1 Play The Gossip
  3 Play Pearl Jam
– 3 Play The Apples in Stereo
9 3 Play Earth Murchants
9 3 Play Duffy
  3 Play Stone Temple Pilots
7 8 Play The Kooks
13 8 Play Ace
4 8 Play King Khan & The Shrines

How Long

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