Where the hell is the sun and 60s we were supposed to have today?

Just back from running a few errands. Had a gift card to Borders but instead of books (which I got at the library) I picked up a few CDs. A Psych Furs Greatest Hits and finally got the VHS or Beta latest. I was actually looking for the Voxtrot EP…but alas all they had was the newest album. S'ok…if I have to I can borrow from the 'net. The song below is from the Raising Wolves EP….good stuff. Very Smith-y/Morrissey-y to me (even the cover reminds me of them)…. This was last week's "Play into the Ground" track…

From the library I picked up:

The King of Lies The Big Question: A Novel of Reality Television by the Author of Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Y: The Last Man Vol. 4: Safeword Y: The Last Man, Volume 9: Motherland

The King of Lies – The author either one an Edgar for this or his newest…plus its set in NC. Some lawyer/mystery…

The Big Question – by Chuck Barris of The Gong Show – about a reality TV show where the contestants can win crazy money. If they lose…they're executed on live TV. Rock on!

Volume 4 & 5 of Y: The Last Man – problem is I need Volume #3 so put in a request.

I just finished up Robert B. Parker's newest Jesse Stone novel, Stranger in Paradise. The usual good time was had. Hope that isn't the last we've seen of Crow (Jesse/Crow…Spenser/Hawk….Bobby, you sneaky devil.)

Its definitely a lay on the couch day…after I tackle the attic. *sigh*

Enjoy your weekend!

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