mp3eme VOX: Favorite Soundtrack – Hair

Galt McDermot

I think I've probably shared stuff from all my favorites during the past year…so I'll go back to my first favorite soundtrack.

Hair, the musical. I've already mentioned the album I still have with my 3rd grade autograph. I've also already mentioned singing "Masturbation can be fun" at the dinner table…to the mortification of the Maternal One. I've already posted about the movie as a whole…so all's that's left is do to some sharing… Hmmm…looks like I shared it before I knew how to fix the album art…so you can a brand new upload of the title track…boooyah! That's not the original album art…but I couldn't find a decent size and too lazy to flick through more Google pages….

With the current state of affairs in America and Iraq…its almost timely and worth a watch. For those that have seen it and want to relive the ending…here ya go. If you haven't seen it and there's even the slimiest chance you will….Don't Watch! (I'm feeling like Grover telling you not to turn the page…and we know how that turns out for those that didn't heed his advice)

Berger Let’s The Sun Shine In

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2 Responses to mp3eme VOX: Favorite Soundtrack – Hair

  1. Back in the dark ages when I was a kid one of my sisters had the Broadway soundtrack, which I listed to a hundred times. I may have blogged this already. Long story short: 6 years old, busted, bouncing on the bed in front of the mirror, singing "Sodomy" into a hairbrush. The sister got in more trouble than me, I think,There was also a similar incident with the Easy Rider OST. "God DAMN, the pusher man!" Different sister got in trouble for that one… =D

  2. Dave says:

    LOL! Can we help it if the songs are so dang catchy? I think not.

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