Geeking Out…Google Reader or Feed Demon?

Hmmm…I'm just now getting used to Google Reader…but then I find out NewsGator has changed tactics and now everything is FREE. I've always heard great things about these guys and I've downloaded FeedDemon to give it a shot. Maybe I'll keep Google for work reading (although FeedDemon syncs with NG's online RSS reader) and try out FeedDemon at home. There are certain things I like about both.

Geeky decisions…Geeky decisions  

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3 Responses to Geeking Out…Google Reader or Feed Demon?

  1. Potty Mouth says:

    Google Reader. I have used both. It is more reliable and the keyboard shortcuts are fantastic for getting through your daily reads without having to touch a mouse or touch pad.

  2. Dave says:

    I think my favorite thing about Google Reader is the 'mark it read' as your scroll down. That's hard to beat. Plus, I like being able to move my different folders around and being able to have all my folders open.I wish GR check feed more often…It takes awhile for some of the stuff to reach GR vs FD…but overall…so far GR is winning…

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