Download AVG Pro for FREE and An Important Question or Two or Three…

Just finished up my evening RSS feed perusal (as you can tell from this and the last post)…and saw the above. After the Lifehacker article I posted about earlier today….I decided to (maybe) give up on Spysweeper and just use Spybot (which I already use) and Spyware Blaster. Spysweeper hasn't shut down correctly since 2005 on my machine and plus its money I can save (not to mention it hasn't found squat in months during the weekly scan…which means I'm a  good little surfer, huh?). What do you guys use? Anything I should be aware of with Spyware Blaster?(I know the free version doesn't update automatically…but I'm cool with that)…..

Having made that decision. I started thinking about losing McAfee….Its been good to me but its so bloated and I've hate the newest Security Center since it was introduced…mainly b/c its a pain in the ass to disable anything. So is this freebie AVG Pro a 'sign'? If so….how's it compare to the other freebies? Again…its money in my pocket if these freebies are good enough.  I've heard good things about that Clam somethingother….is its free version better than this free AVG Pro? Info, people!  OH…and I went ahead and downloaded the .exe file since its a limited time offer…but do you think I have to install it now before time is up or is just downloading it good enough? I still have like 2 months on my McAfee subscription so I'd like to get my $$$$'s worth…and also I know its not a good idea to have 2 Virus thingamabobs going at the same time..(and I'm chicken to install it with McAfee still on the 'puter)

The one thing I don't have a replacement for is my Firewall. I went through a try free VirusScan/Firewall mood a year or so ago…and I went back to McAfee. I think it was ZoneAlarm and its Firewall was a BITCH….I could barely get on the freakin' internet and I did try to work with it…but either I'm too stupid or it was too wonky (or hopefully a little of both)…so free, good dork-proof firewall suggestions, anybody?

Thanks for any info. And hope the AVG Pro link has made somebody's day.  Wow….that's geeky sounding huh…..

Charlie 5-0…if you still stop 'round these parts…I'm thinking you might be of service? Maybe? I've seen you talk shop before so hoping you or somebody knows what's up!?!

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6 Responses to Download AVG Pro for FREE and An Important Question or Two or Three…

  1. Potty Mouth says:

    AVG is fantastic. I work in IT at a medical college and we get virus laden computers on a regular basis. We uninstall Mcafee or Nortons and install AVG to clean the systems up. I swear we could not live without it.

  2. Dave says:

    Sweet! THANKS for the info!Ya think I'm good with the Spybot/SpywareBlaster combo?Now…I just need to find a decent Firewall…

  3. Potty Mouth says:

    Honestly – I would just use AVG and Mozilla as a browser. You can avoid almost all of the spyware and viruses that way. We rarely run into problems with that combination.

  4. Dave says:

    and just the Windows installed Firewall? Man…I'm glad I went ahead and uninstalled Spysweeper and the McAfee virus scan…not only does my 'puter boot faster it solved a problem I've been having for months in Firefox. No matter what I did…I had to log back in to all sites every time I opened FF. Pain. in. the. ass! Soon as they were gone…FF is back to taking care of me lazy ass.

  5. Charlie 5-0 says:

    Sorry I'm just getting to this now! PM has the right on; AVG and Mozilla will work the best. You can use the Windows firewall software but if you're using a router with its own firewall you may be ok.
    Or, you know, you can install Linux. ;D

  6. Dave says:

    lol…not brave enough for that yet.I have a router but have had problems forwarding a port (I think I have it figured out…just have to get back in there) so I usually just direct connect when I'm downloading via *ahem* torrents.The only thing that I wonder (and you can tell me if there's anything to worry about) is that from what I understand Windows is only for incoming not outgoing. Is that a huge problem? (and I may have that last part bass ackwards)Thanks again for the help, youz guys!

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