Wow…this is sorta like sleeping in for me…8am!!? (added: b/w dog stares and laundry it took me 50 freakin' minutes for this post…you'd better read the whole thing. There will be a test!)

And who needs drugs when you have a brain like mine. More whacked out dreams last night. Had something to do with a basketball tournament and all the animals people brought with them. (Some I'm quite sure don't exist….but boy if they did!)  A couple of coworkers thrown in for extra nightmare points and I'm actually surprised to have slept so 'late'…

Ugh…the laundry has started. I can't wait to win Powerball so that I can choose to just throw away dirty clothes if I want…or ya know….pay somebody.. Speaking of Powerball….really weird…all week I've thought my Powerball was '41'…I look at the slip of paper once and then not again till I check the numbers. So I check this morning….my Powerball is '27'…Winning Powerball? '41'.  Now I just have to figure out a way to realize that the PB I have is not the one I think I have and go out and buy one with that number, right?

Yesterday was such an awesome NC weather day! Had to be upper 60s and we're expecting some mid 70s through the week. So stoked! Can't wait to take the top of the Jeep.  I had ventured to PetCo and got out of there spending only $60….Dog food, two bones for the dogs, treats for the kitties and two Xmas pom pom looking chew/pull toys (buy one get one free!)….oh and some Salmon (I think) oil (omega 3 fatty acid thingies) for the dog's food. Abbie's coat doesn't seem to be as full as usual and this is the latest in the year that she's been itchy…so I'm *finger crossed* that it helps her coat and skin. It'd better….freakin' bottle was $20. I'm hoping its a combo of the dry dry weather we've been having adding in with the fact that I switched them both to Science Diet "light" at some point this year…and figure it might not have the fatty thingies needed? Anyway…they love having anything added to their food so they're stoked. Today will be the real test as Saturdays are the animals "wet/dry combo food days" The puppehs gets Beneful wet mixed in and the kitties get Meow Mix wet mixed in. Abbie literally starts yelping/barking from outside to get in as soon as I head upstairs to feed the kitties. She only does this on Saturdays.

I ate pretty well considering I ate at home all day….heh.  For lunch I made a BLT that rocked!  It was nice to sit outside and eat again. I miss this summertime ritual. (and that's when I took the puppy pictures posted above. I tried to get kitty pictures but I didn't make an appointment and they don't like surprises and hadn't done their hair. Drama Queens!) Din din brought Raspberry Chipolte chicken grilled, broc, mashed potatoes and salad w/ asiago(?) bread. Yum! I'm also gonna try my hand at homemade chicken salad today. We'll see!

Last night I spent way too much time building different configurations for a new laptop….and then a desktop (one of those new Dell XPS Ones…kinda like the iMac)…I almost hit the 'order' button a few times but sanity won and I'm holding off till taxes/bonus…….I hope. But I did buy my niece her Xmas present – High School Musical: Sing It (w/microphone) for the PS2. I know what I'll be doing Xmas Eve. Ugh. At least I didn't have to go to Best Buy or ToysRUs to get it, though…and that's more dosh (<—Eastenders influence, right there!) in my pocket for the moment….good thing!

I also finally watched "You're Gonna Miss Me" the documentary about The 13th Floor Elevator singer and his life. Busted for pot…he spent years in psych wards and then with his mother (who I think is just as crazy)I do wonder how much of his sickness was caused by drugs, heredity or the shock treatments….but man WHAT A VOICE!  Great movie that ends positively….and did a bit more research after it was over and was happy to find Roky in an even better place today than he was just a few years ago (Back touring….off meds…got a driver's license) I caught it on Netflix's "Watch Now" ….Hmmm….coulda sworn I had already shared this tune because I know I've mentioned the movie before…I swear the VOX tagging is flakey. Oh well….here's the title track from the flick.

You're Gonna Miss Me
The 13th Floor Elevators

Enjoy your Sunday…not sure what I'm getting into today….but it'll be something that doesn't require a lot of thought or energy. Hmm…this post turned out to be more of a "what I did Saturday" and not all that much about Sunday….Misleading headlines, I tell ya!

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