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This week's I've read:

Double Cross by James Patterson -  Cross is back and taking on a couple of murderers…including Kyle Craig….again. Sure its far fetched and I was left wanting more explanation/background as to the motivations…but Patterson is a fun ride and Cross is a great character. It didn't have as much family interaction as I would have liked…that's what makes Cross one of my favorites and when that's lacking…the book usually suffers. But that doesn't mean I won't be back for more….

Then I read Now & Then by Robert B. Parker….a Spenser mystery. Ahhh….it was good to catch up with Spenser and the gang. I had just read the latest installment in his Sunny Randall series and it was good…but there's something about revisiting Spense, Hawk and even Susan (who by the way is Sunny's shrink).  Like Double Cross…I thought the plot was a bit weak and didn't think the criminal's motivations made much sense..but at this point that not why I read Parker and definitely not what I like about Spenser. Its the relationships…esp. Spense/Hawk or Spense and any of his cop/tough guy buddies. Cracks. Me. Up!  I would love to be able to hang out with that crowd….just to listen to the dry humor and quick witted back/forth they do. Good stuff.  Looks forward to his next book…whoever the 'star' might be. (One thing I've never understood….just how old is Spenser suppose to be now? I mean…Parker's been writing them since the mid 70s and I don't think Spense was exactly a young chicken then)

Next up is The Golden Compass. I'm a bit weary…I like some fantasy but not if it gets so 'out there' that my little brain  can't handle it. Guess we'll see…..

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3 Responses to Currently Reading…

  1. M-----l says:

    I like that you're on such close terms with Spenser that you can call him "Spense".
    As far as Spenser's age goes, I think Parker writes him like he's in his early 50s. He's got to be older than that, though, because he served in Korea. I always imagine him in his early 40s, though. I think that's because I remember the television series and that's about how old Robert Urich was back then. I still see him in my mind's eye when I read the books. But you're right, Spenser would be in his mid 70s if time passed properly. I'm glad it doesn't; reading about an elderly P.I. wouldn't be nearly as fun.

  2. kite says:

    Wow. You must read fast!

  3. Dave says:

    lol..yeah..I'm pretty sure he'd kick my ass or give me a stare down if I called him that (but maybe he'd understand if he knew I really am that lazy and saving a syllable is saving a syllable…heh. Its funny I don't see Urich as Spenser but I do see Hawk as the dude that played him on tv (blanking on the real name)Kite – Its only because they both write short chapter'd books…the longer the chapters…the longer it takes me to finish.

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