Sunday Morning :: Afternoon Delight

Afternoon Delight
Starland Vocal Band

This is also counting as an early 70s Music Wednesday entry…

Too lazy to look up the release date but its gotta be early/mid 70s because I only vaguely remember it from the time. Me and my sister had "our songs". I think this was hers and mine was that Up Up and Away tune…
Rock on!

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4 Responses to Sunday Morning :: Afternoon Delight

  1. Dave says:

    heh….I have PBS on in the background while I'm reading…its some Barry Williams hosted live music thingie with bands from the 70s…Just been treated to a live version from Starland themselves….Taste of Honey were tight, too… 😉

  2. CynthiaB says:

    Thanks for posting this=) I'm w/ your sis…I loved this song!

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