Mordecai Construction….

My historical neighborhood is being invaded by progress…in the form of 2 small condo-ish additions. Guess it could have been worse. The neighborhood fought the original proposal so its much smaller than it could have been.

It was soooo hot walking around the construction sites yesterday….like freakin' Mars out there!

Anyway….here are some of the pics I took….The pipes are my favorites…

PipeburstsPipeshineJust GrateGratelyStonebricks on the sideStonebricksThe Lost City of MordecaiThe Lost City of Mordecai 3StumpThe ClawBend in the TracksSilo and TrainIronic H20

Arc-ishCircle (acidic version)ClawedElectric....trainDroughtyBrickwell (acidic version)BricksDrainage LidContainer Latch

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5 Responses to Mordecai Construction….

  1. crankypants says:

    very cool shots! I suppose I will have to find something different to shoot since the flowers are almost over…and am not finding any new butterflies, lol. and my dog hasn't changed much..

  2. bevester says:

    those pipe shots are fantastic – pipestar indeed!

  3. arbed says:

    what a good little photog you are! šŸ˜‰

  4. Dave says:

    thank ya'll!I know what you mean, cranks….having to go in the world to look for new photo ideas goes directly against the Hermit's Creed I adhere to…. šŸ˜‰

  5. bevester says:

    Conversely, we're in our last month of winter here in Oz, so we should start to see those blossom trees coming out soon, and then of course spring to follow…. I can see some macro shots coming on!

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