70s Music Wednesday: Reunion

ahhh….the planets have aligned…I'm online at home and remembered to post the song I've been forgetting for the past week or so…

Probably hadn't heard this song since I was but a wee lad in the late 70s…till I went on a KTEL/Ronco compilation album hunt and it was on one of my scores….

Originally released in '74 if wikipedia is to believed…and for our purposes…it shall.

Life Is A Rock

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4 Responses to 70s Music Wednesday: Reunion

  1. Dave says:

    *snicker* Remember it too, huh?

  2. Not until I heard it! About 1/3 of the way in, I went OMG! I remember this!

  3. Mikey says:

    lol! Brings backs memories! Thanks for posting it…

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