Its so much easier to tag and organize my pics now that I'm finally using my Flickr account…

The downside is you have a few more clicks if you want to see some of the all their full screen glory…Once you follow the link to view at Flickr…just choose all sizes and you'll see an "Original Size" link above the pic…In fact…I suggest viewing the pics over at Flicker…if you go to my Photo page…there's a slideshow link….all about the lazy!

Some of these were taking around work on Friday but most were from my walk down to Mordecai House and any cool flower I saw between here and there….

yelloworangewith bug4yelloworangewith bug3yelloworangewith bug2yelloworangewith bugyellowlantanawwaxywhitestarredstar





and then I finally made it to Moredecai House…lol…and wasn't really feeling it…too many tourtists but I did take a few pics and played with this first one in Photoshop. Also scored a few pics of the Raleigh Trolleys that take ya back/forth from downtown areas..and also does Historic tours….Some Mr. Rogers old skool up in this piece!

mordecaihousefrontwidemordecaihousefrontmordecaihousefront2mordecaihousewindowsmordecaihousesidemordecai plaquetrolleytrolley2

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