Return of the Oversized Flowers…

Was on the dog walk this morning and a huge flower had popped up in my neighbor's yard (after last evening's rain) so grabbed the camera and took a few pictures of it and a few others…plus I tried my damndest to catch a bee in mid-flight…which I did but none came out all that great. I need to check into my manual to see what settings I need to change….

My favorite picture was actually the biggest one….those little flowers are so teeny but colorful and the 'before they bloom' buds look like a cross b/w the butterflies I used to doodle when I was 8 (and who am I kidding…they'd probably look the same now if I gave it a shot) and little pillows….

To see them in all their 'full screen' glory (so close up you can see the "hairs" on the little buds)…make sure you click through till the picture itself is the only thing on the page or click "View Full Size" to the right of each pic (when on the picture's Vox page).


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4 Responses to Return of the Oversized Flowers…

  1. iRead says:

    These are all gorgeous.

  2. crankypants says:

    Looks like they are indeed lantana.
    and I was so annoyed, I took the dog out for a walk a little while ago, and saw a cicada on the sidewalk—it was midway through struggling out of its shell. It was the coolest thing (and I dislike bugs as a rule), it was the prettiest shade of green and it looked like an alien. I was thinking , dammit! I thought about bringing my camera and I didn't so stupid!
    so I checked it out for a little bit and kept walking. A few houses away I remembered I had my phone…which has a camera…and went back to moblog it…GONE! dammit.

  3. Dave says:

    awww man…that sucks. I've seen a few come out of their shells and it is an awesome color.Wonder how quickly the big red one will bloom? I want one now….and some sunflowers.

  4. crankypants says:

    my purple coneflowers are just starting to bloom. There is one on there that has been bloomed for a few weeks now, but the rest of them just now…unfotunately, I don't know if lack of rain hurt the buds or if it was bugs chewing on the edges of the petals but they are looking a bit raggedy. 😦 But, they're not fully bloomed yet and we did just get a few good downpours over the last couple days. and I didn't get pics of the 1st one when it was at its nicest. it's still there but not looking quite so fresh.
    And my black eyed susans are really bushing out with tons of buds. I may have to figure out how to cut them back or thin them out one of these years because they share space with other foliage.
    I don't know about Big Red…maybe another week? maybe just a few days, I don't know how quickly they develop.

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