The One & Only…

blooming flora in my yard…this is right beside the steps that lead up to the front door.

Was hoping to take a picture of it with my new camera but since Sears and UPS are conspiring against me…I figured I'd better snap a pic before its gone…

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2 Responses to The One & Only…

  1. arbed says:

    lovely roses and great shots!nothing wrong with that cam – why the new one?okay, I really need to get that shower now – geeeeez, it's already 12:20!

  2. Dave says:

    LOL! Nice to move at your own pace, though….yeah…I do love this camera(Fuji Finepix A330) because it does take great pics…but I want something that'll get some extreme close ups (this one can't handle it without going all blurry) and a few more bells and whistles.

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