Sunday Afternoon…

Popping in from the deck for a laundry fold/start new load break…and can't seem to walk by the computer without stopping…

Its such a freakin' awesome day here in Raleigh…gotta be in the upper 70s…maybe 80s…and a nice breeze.  We have to enjoy these days while we can…before the humidity sets in…its also nice eating meals out there without worrying about the flies joining you…

This is currently what my day is all about:

Oh…and that baby pool in the background?  Another ignored "sursie" (as in surprise) for the dogs. They stared at it.  But let them get near a skanky stanky creek or big puddle? *Plop*…hmph.

Abbie and Lucy have been living outside all weekend but it kills me to watch them purposely lay in the sun. What's up with that? Does your dog(s) do this? Abbie is worse that Lucy…she'll lay there forever just a'panting. She must know what she's doing….lol….but it looks so uncomfortable its distracting. I've been known to call her over just to make her move….and well, Lucy….she does whatever Abbie does so I'm not sure she has any other reason…

oh….and because you care….and because Lucy worships her some Abbie….this is Lucy's "Abbie Tattoo"…its the only place on her fur that isn't black or white. I like to think its either her mother or father's DNA staking its claim.

and my green thumb in action…

Last year's fern….(she did so well last year…but somewhere along the way…she stopped.) I like having ferns because the last 2 years this one was alive…I had a baby birdies to watch…

And this year's Jade plant.  So far so good….but I've only had a few weeks. I hope I'm not stressing her out by having her hang out with Fern.

I need to get new hanging plants for the front porch…but that's looking like next weekend's task.

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